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Our goal


Facilitates the full reconstruction of the synagogue, originaly designed by architect Dezso Milcha in 1893 in Bratislava, Slovakia.


The reconstructed Synagogue will become a Holocaust memorial. It will not be a Jewish liturgical institution, rather a multi-functional culture hotspot.


VBS – We will return the Synagogue to Bratislava

Founders, members of the executive board OZ VBS

Prof. MUDr. Pavol Traubner PhD.

Activities of organization such as the one Andrej Hryc initiated are of vast importance, especially in the current times. Bratislava was the home for a large Jewish community, which for centuries was an inherent component of the citizens of Bratislava. Through it’s activities it contributed to the development of culture, economy and beauty of this town. This sizable community nearly completely perished during the holocaust.

Our organization doesn’t intend to build a Jewish clerical site. The Synagogue will serve to the benefits of culture in Bratislava and at the same time stand as a reminder to the “disappearance” of an entire community from Bratislava. The names of the members of our Jewish community who against their will “left” from our city will find an eternal place on the marble wall of the “old-new” Synagogue, to serve as a memento to the absurdness of persecution by political leaning, race, gender or religion.

Prof. Ing. Dr.h.c. Juraj Stern PhD.

I don’t exactly recall the day when Andy approached me with this idea. It was immediately clear I could not reject this offer, even though I was highly skeptical at first.

Why did I accept this offer and challenge? My positive decision was driven mainly by my relationship to the city I was born in. I belong to the old inhabitants of Bratislava, which have lived here for many generations.

The Synagogue was historically as well as from an architectural perspective of not very significant importance. For us “old inhabitants” it was a symbol. A symbol of tolerance and coexistence, as well as a symbol of religion. Around the world, there are few places where a Catholic cathedral, Orthodox church, Protestant church and a Jewish Synagogue stand so close together.

Pre-war Bratislava was a glimpse into todays uniting of Europe, which I consider the greatest achievement of our time. This is my main motivation, why I would like to see this symbol of a “uniting Europe” brought back into the sight of our and all future generations.

Ing. Arch. Karol Kállay

The reconstruction of the Bratislava Synagogue is an attempt to bring back to life a part of Bratislava demolished by a brutal intrusion during the building of the SNP bridge in the end of the 60s. An entire section of the Old Town – squares, streets, Rybny market, the Synagogue – where brought down by a highway, creating a scar on the face of the city. It is to return the picture, face, structure, soul and symbolism of this location, why we are bringing the Synagogue back to life.

Andrej Hryc – Chairman of the managing board VBS

I have had this idea on my mind for the past 40 years. Having witnessed the demolition of such a unique monument in Bratislava, which had for years been a symbol of religious tolerance, I have had strong feelings towards this building even though I am not Jewish. The thought & image of the atrocities perpetrated on Jewish people during the holocaust have always reminded me of how small my life’s challenges are.

I often stroll over the Rudnay square where the Synagogue used to stand. My son Hugo’s & grandsons’ first steps passed through these places. Walking home one evening in the 60s the tought of rebuilding this interesting yellow building in maurian style came to me. After some time I started thinking about this more seriously and started consulting with friends. At the end of our discussions was the creation of our association. It has one, and only one purpose. A tough one, but I enjoy challenges. I believe we can achieve it and return this symbolic treasure of religious tolerance, so essential today, back to Bratislava.

Academic scupltor Juraj Čutek

As a ten year old, in the sixties, I often sat on the windowsill of the sculptor Ervin Stanik, my father’s colleague, who inhabited the famous house “At the good herder”. The grown-up talk bored me and so I passed time watching life on Rybne square. On the right hand side – old houses propped up with large wooden beams, in the middle the bustling market life and on the left the St. Martin’s cathedral underneath which stood a Synagogue. It was the Synagogue I was always most fascinated with. It was mysterious and kept my imagination going. Amongst all the old classical buildings it seemed as if from a fairy tale. I imagined various tales situated within the walls of this building, from which strands of black cable ran in all directions. Little did I know at the time, that one of the first studios of the Slovak TV where situated there.

At the time no one new what a sad future awaited the Synagogue. It left with all the other builds of the “Undercastle” part of Old Town, know as Vydrica. Comrades probably wanted to make Bratislava look more like “democratic Berlin”, Ulaanbaatar or Moscow. Who knows what was going through their minds? They demolished “Fajka”, “Groh”, “Hron”. All the places and buildings I had such strong feelings for, which I miss to this day. I came to understand, that the Synagogue is a symbol. Demolition, cultural destruction, the eradication of symbols will always be the face of the arrogance of power. Let’s be a people of culture, let’s correct the “errors of the past”. This is why also I want to help bring the Synagogue back to Bratislava.


How the Synagogue used to look, how it was demolished and how it could look in the future

We’ll return the Synagogue back to Bratislava

VBS is a organization set up with to goal of returning this iconic structure back into the heart of Bratislava, right underneath the St. Martins Cathedral.


"We’ll return the Synagogue back to Bratislava"
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